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Prearranging a funeral

More people are doing it...

Prearranging a funeral is a very thoughtful way of assisting family and friends to understand your wishes about what kind of funeral you would like.

There are a number of considerations. Will it be a cremation or a burial? What music, if any? What about flowers? How much should it cost? Are there other special things the family should know but have not asked or have not been told?

K.M. Smith are very experienced at assisting clients to prearrange funerals. You simply arrange a meeting, and we help you record your wished for your funeral.

While families are generally respectful of prearrangements, they are not legally binding and the people who eventually arrange your funeral can vary what you have nominated.

Make arrangements now

This little booklet makes things so much easier for everyone. In it, diarise special details about your life, financial and private matters, as well as preferences for your funeral service. It's free and obligation free. Download our Life Booklet

What about funeral funds?

Funeral funds are basically savings plans where people save small amounts regularly so as to reduce the cost of their funeral. The result is a more affordable funeral when the need finally arises. Involvement is entirely a matter of choice. If you decide to make financial arrangements for your funeral in advance, K.M.Smith can help facilitate this through an established, reputable funeral fund.

NOTE: Funeral Funds are not the same thing as some of the funeral insurance policies that you may see advertised on TV.