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What Does a Funeral Cost?

A very personal choice...

There can be confusion about what a funeral may cost. This is because you may hear different versions from all kinds of people - including well-intentioned friends and relatives, and even other Funeral Directors.

As a guide, an appropriately conducted funeral may cost anything between $3,920 and $12,000. Yes - that is a huge range - but there are very good reasons for it.

The cost of an individual funeral will be determined by the family's wishes. In cases where the deceased has made prearrangements, then those prior wishes will also need to be considered.

Funerals are very personal things. The only way the cost can be properly assessed is in a face-to-face interview with an experienced Funeral Director so that all the options can be explained and understood. The Funeral Director can demonstrate what is involved and clearly explain your choices.

So what things influence cost?

Some of the things that determine cost are:

  • Whether the funeral involves a cremation or a burial
  • If it is a burial, whether it is below ground or above ground in a vault
  • The choice of coffin in terms of materials used and the extent of workmanship
  • The extent of floral tributes
  • The length, style and number of death and funeral notices placed in newspapers
  • Charges made by celebrants and the clergy
  • Facility charges made by operators of crematoria and cemeteries
  • The extent of catering for post-funeral gatherings
  • The quality of Funeral Director facilities including things like hearses, mortuary, chapel and viewing facilities
  • The level of Funeral Director service offered

Remember - a funeral is a combination of many services - each with an influence on cost.

What you need to do

The only way to make an informed decision about the combination of services that is right for you is by meeting with a Funeral Director who will outline the options and explain the detail.

If your preference is a low cost funeral conducted with simplicity and elegance, we are happy to facilitate that for you.

If you wish to arrange a more involved funeral catering to very large numbers of mourners, a longer and more traditional service, and any special arrangements and effects - we can help to ensure that everything happens just as you require.